Road Traffic Accident

Whether you are comprehensivelyinsured or third party cover, we can help recover you uninsured losses & get you on the road as soon as possible...

Replacement Vehicle

It is very difficult after an accident especially when your vehicle is un-driveable or whilst being repaired, we can help...

Recovery & Storage

If you are left stranded with a vehicle which is not mobile, we can arrange recovery to storage at no intial cost to you...

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If you are involved in a road traffic accident and your vehicle is not driveable, we can recover the vehicle and place it in storage until such time the vehicle is ready to be disposed of or repaired.

If the vehicle is to be disposed of, we can arrange this on your behalf to save any further inconvenience to you.

This is at no initial cost to you and can be recovered from the other sides insurance company.

Did you know? It is illegal to leave a damaged vehicle on a public road which may cause injury or a danger to others. So if your vehicle is badly damaged and have no place of storage, we can help.

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Recovery & Storage