Road Traffic Accident

Whether you are comprehensivelyinsured or third party cover, we can help recover you uninsured losses & get you on the road as soon as possible...

Replacement Vehicle

It is very difficult after an accident especially when your vehicle is un-driveable or whilst being repaired, we can help...

Recovery & Storage

If you are left stranded with a vehicle which is not mobile, we can arrange recovery to storage at no intial cost to you...

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After an accident the main inconvenience is not having the use of your vehicle.

This is where we can help, we have a large fleet of vehicles to enable our clients to return to driving immediately after an accident. This means, whether you need a replacement vehicle beacuse yours is a total loss or if you simply need a vehicle whilst repairs are being completed you will never be off the road. All our cars are fully insured by Crashcare and we can deliver a vehicle within 24 hours and on most occasions the same day.

If you have Third Party cover on your insurance policy this basically means that there is no cover to your vehicle and therefore are not entitled to any benefits from your insurer.

Even if you hold comprehensive cover, most insurance companies will only provide you with a courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is in for repair, if your vehicle is a total loss 90% of companies will not provide a vehicle at all.

Call us today whatever your circumstance and we could have you back on the road in no time. Alternatively you can email us or complete our online claim form.

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